Monday, March 5, 2012

A Busy Opening Weekend...

This weekend marked the official opening of Sugar Sweet Cake Company. While we do not have a retail storefront, I do have a commercial kitchen to work from, and it officially passed inspection this past week! Good thing too, because we had four orders to fulfill for the weekend, and a birthday cupcake for a very special mom :)

Vanilla bean mini cupcakes w/ vanilla buttercream & sugar decoration

First up was an order for baking: dozens of muffins, a few loaves, and these cute mini cupcakes w/ sugar soccer balls, footballs, baseballs and basketballs (100% edible).

Dark double chocolate cake w/ whipped ganache filling, milk chocolate buttercream & fondant

My next order was a 30th birthday cake comissioned by the birthday girls sister. She wanted it to be whimsical, fun and, most importantly, CHOCOLATE!!! I think we achieved all of that :) I just hope it survived the flight, as she was taking it aboard a plane to Vancouver!

Dark chocolate cupcake w/ whipped ganache frosting & sugar decorations

I mentioned in my last post that I also run a daycare. This was a decadent double dose of chocolate for one of my daycare mommies :) Yum!!!

Lemon Drop & Red Velvet mini cupcakes

Last, but not least, was 2 dozen mini cupcakes ordered by one of the most fabulous photographers in Kelowna (, seriously, she is very good, so check out her site!!!) Mini cupcakes are cute, sweet, and just the right bite of cake, filling and frosting.

Thanks to Patti Dorin, Rachel Wyatt, Alex Himer & April Martin for your orders :) It was an exciting weekend...and Happy Birthday Kendra!!!

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