Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ladybug Smash

A few months back I was contacted by a mom looking to have a "smash cake" created. I had vaguely heard of this new trend, but many people I mentioned it to had no idea what it was. Basically, you have a professional photographer capture your baby smashing a cake or cupcakes for their first birthday. A cute concept, and don't we all have that wonderful picture of our kids messily eating a piece of cake at their first birthday party? This idea just takes it up a notch to frame worthy art!

She wanted a ladybug, to fit the theme of the birthday party, as well as some cupcakes for the guests. The cake itself would serve as a centerpiece, to be saved for the smashing photos the next day.

For the party, I created little cupcakes straight out of a strawberry patch. They were a mixture of vanilla and gluten free chocolate minis, filled with fresh strawberry buttercream and topped with vanilla buttercream and sugar blossoms with an edible pearl centre. The birthday girl got her very own special full size cupcake, also filled, but featuring multiple blossoms, leaves and her own little ladybug :)

The lovely little ladybug itself was a vanilla bean cake, filled with layers of fresh strawberries and strawberry buttercream. She was then topped with a layer of vanilla buttercream and covered in fondant. I added some cute antenae, and a pink sugar blossom to accent her pink lipstick.

The resulting smash photos turned out so cute, with the birthday girl decked out in her ladybug finest as well! To see some of the shots, please visit www.haileyhamilton.com.


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