Monday, October 29, 2012

The Crazy Month of October...

When I started this blog for my business, I expected to blog weekly about the projects I was working on, step by step features, recipes, etc. Then I got busy...really, really busy!
In fact, October has been the busiest month by far this year! I can't complain, busy is good, and the blogging will just have to wait for me. If I can post once a month, I will be happy :)
So, here's what we did this month at Sugar Sweet Cake Company...(minus a few pictures I forgot to take! Aaah!)

Margarita, Carrot, Canadian Maple, & Irish Mocha cupcakes

Over the hill circling vulture cake :)

Harry Potter themed minis

Harry Potter & the Basilisk 5th birthday cake, to match minis

Disco themed 50th birthday cake

Ladybug 1st birthday cake

Gingerbread, Eggnog & Apple Pie cupcakes

Noah's Ark Christening cake

Ice Bird 5th birthday cake

65th birthday cake for an avid golfer

Pink Princess Castle
3rd birthday cake

Tractor birthday cake for a pumpkin patch party

Gingerbread cupcake

Pumpkin cupcakes with Chai Tea buttercream

Halloween minis for a pumpkin patch photo shoot

Egg-less Dark chocolate cupcakes in Irish Mocha & Vanilla Sprinkle


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